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Every day millions of people use search engines to find a person's email, phone number or address. Our Cards help you to be found quickly with the correct information about you.
  1. Make sure you are found fast and easy when people search for your Name + City Name
  2. Create in 1 minute your own online Card which is optimized for your name and city name.
  1. We host your Card online.   From the moment your Card is online, it normally takes 14 days before your Card appears in the first 10 search results.
  2. Create here your own FREE online Business Card
OPTION:   Get a Business Card PRO for $49 extra (One-time fee)
  1. PRO Business Cards have:
    A. Additional keywords and tags to optimize your BizCard for your profession, your business or the company you work for.     Your card is manually optimized by Ad Latjes, an online Internet guru since early 1995, who made optimized webpages before the words Search-Engine-Optimization and SEO even existed!
    B. Additional links to your Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and YouTube pages
    C. Overview of the persons who visited your Business Card (City Name, Date and Time)
  1. How do I order a Business Card PRO?
    First create a FREE online Card and you get an email confirmation.   Follow the instructions in this email!
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